Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” Psalm 25:5.

The Christian life is a life of daily walk with God. As l go about my normal and daily activities my heart desire is to walk with Him all day long.

How practicable is this with all the several things needing and claiming our attention, with all the distractions of the day and the sins going on around us?

For me walking with God all day long begins with taking time to be with Him in the early hours in the morning. For some it might be a bit different. However, we all need that time alone with God in prayer and in His Word, even though it might be at different times of the day. This alone time spent with God daily becomes the bonding of an intimate relationship with Him which spreads into and fills the rest of our day each day.

Walking with God all day long does not mean:
We pray all day, read the Bible all day, remain in church all day or attend church/fellowship every day. It doesn’t mean we will feel spiritual all day or every time. It doesn’t mean we are perfect or super spiritual people. Walking with God all day doesn’t mean you can’t have a hard day. It doesn’t mean you will not experience some measure of stress, difficulties, helplessness, fatigue, distress, doubts or face temptations as you go about your day walking with God. There are times/days God eases or removes some of these trials of life from our path, but He also allows us to go through them even for days and not remove them. Walking with God all day does not mean earthly human perfections or super spirituality.

Walking with God all day means:
We are conscious and aware of His presence in and with us, irrespective of our feelings, for we walk by faith. And because we are His children we know that He is always near.

We learn to constantly turn our hearts and thoughts towards God as we go about the day – being mindful of Him.

We converse with Him – asking for His help to do a difficult task or anything we may need to do, however trivial it may be.

We ask for His wisdom in making decisions.

We thank Him for little and big favours bestowed during the day.

We ask Him questions.

We tell Him we love and appreciate Him.
We confess our sins and ask Him for forgiveness when we err.

We discuss with Him things that bother or disturb us.

We ask for His assistance about arising situations of the day.

We pray quietly for a colleague at work or a commuter sitting beside us in the bus we sensed needs God’s help.

We sing to Him quietly in our heart or loudly with our voice.

We meditate on Bible passages we’ve read.

We give thanks to Him for those little, common things we do every day during the course of our day: the food we eat, the water we drink, for a refreshing bottle of soft drink, the air we breathe, a short trip to the market and all those things we many times take for granted.

We walk in obedience to God’s word throughout the day.

We ensure that our lives and whatever we do throughout the day are pleasing to Him.

We are sensitive and dependent upon the Holy Spirit throughout the day.

The above is not a list of things to do.

I only mentioned them as examples of some of the things we do as Christians during the course of our day. These indicate that we are conscious of God’s presence in our lives as we go about our day.

God wants to be involved in all we do as we go about our normal activities of the day, whether at work, at a social function or at play. Involve Him in all you do. That’s a vital key to walking with Him throughout the day.

Learn to be conscious of His presence, let your heart and thoughts be in tuned with Him, that is, to be mindful of Him during the course of the day, conversing with Him constantly throughout the day, and doing only those things that please and give Him pleasure.

And if peradventure you do something a bit off, not Christ-like or sinful and you realize it or the Spirit convicts you of it, repent of it, and ask for your heavenly Father’s forgiveness right-away. And if you hurt or offend someone be quick to apologize and make amend.

In brief walking with God a-l-l day is simply depending upon the Holy Spirit and living to please Him. It is a walk of faith, mercy, and grace and not works.

Always ask for the Spirit’s help to walk with God a-l-l day, every day till it becomes as natural as the air you breathe.

Holy Spirit, please help me to walk with God all day long today and every day. Guide me with Your wisdom and counsel throughout the day.

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