In the north of Scotland, where the main railway line crosses a great ravine or gully – a fearful-looking abyss – the viaduct that bridged it was one of the wonders of the north. One night a fearful storm raged over that district. The little stream or burn that meandered under the viaduct was turned into a raging mad torrent.

A young Highland shepherd laddie sheltered his sheep as best he could for the night. In the morning, long before dawn, he set out to see how they had fared. As he made his way up the hillside he noticed to his horror that the central column had gone and that if not warned, she would be dashed to pieces and many lives lost. He looked at the raging torrent. He wondered if he could get across. The thought of the danger of so many urged him on. He plunged in, and made his way to the other side. He was battered and sore, and breathless and bleeding when he got to the other side. He made his way up as best he could, wondering if he would be in time. As soon as he reached the rails he heard the “pound, pound” of the mighty engine. He stood and beckoned wildly, but all he saw was the hand of the engineer beckoning him out of the way. He was making up lost time. The train came on, nearer, and still, he stood beckoning to stop. At last, it came to where he was. He flung himself in front of the engine.

The driver put on his brakes suddenly and managed to stop the train almost at its own length. The stop was so sudden that the passengers were awakened and came out to see what was the matter. When they could see nothing they were very angry, but the driver said, “It has been a close shave this time. We might all have been lost.” And when they saw how near they were to the ragged edge of the broken bridge their faces blanched.

The driver said, “Come with me and I will show you the one who saved us tonight.” They went with him back along the track a little way, and there they saw the mangled remains of the young, Highland shepherd laddie. “If he had not died for us, “Said the engine driver, “We would all have perished tonight.”

That is what the LORD Jesus did for us on the cross. He placed Himself between us and the wrath of God and hell. He died for us or we would have died. What base ingratitude it would have been if they had not felt grateful for what that lad did for them! But what baser ingratitude it is on your own part to spurn His love, and make light of His death on the cross! Tell me, you will not rush on to hell, will you? Why should you perish?

There is no need. God loves you and desires your salvation. Jesus died for you to save you from sin and hell. Accept Him. Trust Him. Believe Him and you shall never perish. But if you spurn His love and mercy, you will surely perish. May God incline your hearts to come to Him now!

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