Have you ever been in a situation you had desired, prayed, wished, or longed for a supernatural manifestation from God? May be a word of prophecy, a dream, an audible voice or even a still small voice?

I have had periods of intense anguish in which l prayed intensely, seeking God’s face for divine intervention, asking Him for revelations concerning confusing, heart grieving situations, and ending up been frustrated each time, because God did not shed light on those situations as l have sought.

I learned to stop doing that. And God taught me how to walk with Him by faith.

The Bible says, “the righteous shall live by faith.” (Rom.1:17, Hebs 10 :38). The righteous shall not live by visions, prophecies, dreams or any other supernatural manifestations.

We get misled by some of the books we read and the preachers who make emphasis on manifestations. So we fall into the deceit that God is obligated to speak to us ithrough supernatural manifestations.

One good thing that will help you, which helped me, is this: quit the idea that God is obligated to speak to you by some sort of supernatural manifestations – dreams, visions, audible voice, still small voice, prophecy, through prophets etc. Rather put your heart and effort into seeking and knowing God more intimately.

If you don’t quit that idea you will always end up being frustrated and emotionally tensed up in prayer. We can not force God to do our own will. We cannot activate God, He is no man’s puppet. He will speak to us according to His will, not ours.

God speaks to us when we read and study His word, when His word is being preached, by bringing Scriptures to our mind/remembrance, by bringing things to our mind, by giving us wisdom, understanding, enlightenment and counsel concerning situations in our life, sometimes we receive peace in our hearts, sometimes an uneasyness, at times convictions – these by the leading and guidance of His indwelling Spirit.

As Christians we need to spend regular times alone with God in prayer and in His Word. Not just times of intercessions and supplications when we bring our requests or those of others to Him , but regular times of fellowship, communion and Intimacy with God that He becomes so close, so near to us and we grow to become so conscious of Him.

It becomes easier to walk in faith and by faith when we come to know God this way.

Faith in it’s simplest definition is simply trust in God and dependence on God.

You can only trust God when you truly know Him; and you can only depend on Him when you ‘ve learnt to trust Him. And you can only know Him by building a relationship with Him.

When you truly come to know God you will discover that you do not need to run around chasing shadows, being carried away by every wind of doctrine and deceit of men, you will be delivered from many theological confusion, you will enter into God’s rest, being led by His Spirit and you will begin to enjoy God.

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