I became aware of an emptiness on the inside of me when I was a little girl in primary school.  Questions such as, “Who made all things?  Where does God live?  What does He look like and What will happen to me after I die?” troubled my young and tender heart.  At such an early age, I discovered that there was something missing in my life even though I had everything to make a little girl happy.

As I grew into teenage years this feeling of emptiness, incompleteness in my inner most being persisted.  As time went on the emptiness became increasingly troublesome to me.  I tried joining the church, but being religious didn’t help.  I started reading some of those books that promise inner peace for the soul but the more I got into those books the more miserable I became.


All men sense and feel the emptiness of this inner sanctuary.  Worldly pleasures, wealth, fame, religion among others, are some of the various means men have devised to fill this emptiness within.  But many have discovered that these things can bring no peace to the human soul.  King Solomon, the wisest and richest man who ever lived testified to this fact, “So I became great and excellent more than all who were before me in Jerusalem.  Also my wisdom remained with me.  Whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them.  I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure, for my heart rejoiced in all my labour; And this was my reward from all my labour in which I had toiled, and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind.  There was no profit under the sun” (Eccl. 2: 9-11).

Inside each of us, there is a deep need within our inner most beings that cannot be met by fame, material possessions, knowledge or the good things of life.  If we are able to attain all these we would still realize that: “All is vanity and grasping for the wind.”  (Eccl. 1:14). Nothing on this earth holds the key to true satisfaction and inner peace.

Man was created in God’s likeness.  Once God and man had perfect fellowship until Adam and Eve our fore parents sinned and thereby fell short of the glory of God (Genesis chapters 2 & 3).  As a result, the inner sanctuary in man’s soul where once God lived became empty.  Every descendant of Adam is born with this inherent emptiness within him ,that is, the absence of God in the human spirit. Mankind inherited Adam’s sin and death (physical and spiritual) – Romans 5:12.

Man is by nature a worshipper.  Man was created to worship God, if he doesn’t he will worship something else.  If man will not allow God to fill the sanctuary of his soul, then something else will and the end result of that wrong choice is death.

The desperate desire and longing of man to fill this emptiness within brought about different world religions and the occult.  You hear the occults talk about discovering the God consciousness within, transcendental meditation etc.  This is man’s spirit yearning for his creator.  All these are some of man’s desperate efforts of finding inner peace, but there can be no peace within a heart devoid of the true Prince of peace.  Man wants satisfaction, excitement and meaning in life, but he will never find true meaning in life until God takes His rightful place in his soul.


If God does not fill the emptiness within man’s heart, true fulfillment and satisfaction  remains elusive.  This is the reason the Son of God came into the world.  He came to die for the sin of humanity so that man can be reconciled to God.  Jesus Christ is the way to the Father (John 14:6).  He said: “Behold I stand at the door and knock if anyone hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will eat with him, and he with me” (Rev. 3:20).  Which door was He talking about? 

Which door was He talking about?

To every place of abode there is a door.  He is talking about the door into the sanctuary of your spirit and soul; that door is your heart.  Without the living Christ dwelling in man’s inner most being man remains an empty being.

Dear friend, if you could have fame, fortune,  love and all your heart desires in this life, even with good health to enjoy them, yet you do not have the living Christ  dwelling within you, your living would be in vain.  For the time will come when death will call you and nothing but Christ’s blood can spare you from the wrath to come; for God has appointed a time of judgement in which He is going to pour down His wrath for all of man’s transgressions.  If you reject Him now while still alive, remember, you will one day stand before the One whom you have rejected in this life.  When you see Him face to face what will be your excuse?

The choice is yours.  You can decide to fill your heart with all you want, but you can be certain that they will bring you no true and satisfying peace in this life and no eternal security in the day of judgement.  Or you can allow the Son of the living God to come in and make His dwelling within your inner most being.  He is knocking at the door of your heart.  He can only come in if you ask Him in.  Will you now open your heart for the Prince of peace and the Lord of lords?

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