It may be in the evening, when the work of the day is done, And you have time to sit in the twilight and watch the sinking sun, 

When the long bright day dies slowly over the sea,     And the hours grow quiet and holy with thoughts of Me.    Let the door be on the latch in your home.   For it may be through the gloaming I will come.”

“It may be when the midnight is heavy upon the land. And the lights are out in the house;   When the fires burn low and red,  And the watch is ticking loudly beside the bed; 

Though you sleep, tired out, on your couch,  Still your heart must watch and wake in the dark room,   For it may be midnight I will come. ” 

“It may be at the cockcrow, when the night is dying slowly  In the sky, and the sea looks calm and holy, Waiting for the dawn of the golden sun which draweth nigh; In the chill before the dawning, Between the night and morning I may come.”

“It may be in the morning, when the sun is bright and strong,. And the dew is glittering sharply over the little lawn; With the long day’s work before you, you rise up with the sun, And the neighbours come in to talk a little of all that must be done;.

But remember that I may be the next to come in at the door; To call you from your busy task for evermore.  As you work your heart must watch,. For the door is on the latch in your home. And it may be in the morning I will  come.”

Author unknown

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