When God told Abram: “… for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure” (Gen. 15:16 NIV), He was actually saying, never worry there surely will be an end to the flagrant attitude of the Amorites. And at the appropriate time, God destroyed the Amorites before the Israelites “… though he was tall as the cedars and strong as the oaks ….” (Amos 2:9 NIV)

Journeying down memory lane, one remembers Idi Amin of Uganda, a man too tough to handle then. Also was Saddam Hussein of Iraq who terrorized his people and wanted to rebuild the Babylonian empire. God, however saw that an end came to the reigns and regimes of these men by, “leading princes away plundered and overthrowing the mighty” (Job 12:19).

There used to be two strong systems of government being practiced in some parts of the world. Those practising them then felt, ‘our forefathers gave us a legacy and we will be out of our minds should we shift grounds or leave our comfort zones.’ But when the time came, God made the knowledge of those ones foolish (Isa. 44:25) and caught the so called wise in their own counsel or craftiness (Job 5:13). These systems of government were the Soviet Union communism (USSR) and Apartheid System in South Africa. An end surely came and today they are past of history.

Once upon a time, a man named Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda lived a life of opulence at the expense of the citizens of their country. To the extent Mrs Imelda gained an international reputation for her enormous collection of clothes, shoes and art. Today, whatever became of their wealth, fame and so called success? The Bible says, “. . . the house of the wicked shall be overthrown . . . .” (Pro. 14:11). “For I was envious of the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked . . . until I went into the sanctuary of God, then understood I understood their end . . . . Thou (God) . . . set them in slippery places. . . castedst them down into destruction” (Ps 73:3 – 20). An end eventually came to such wastefulness.

In the news, some months back, it was gathered that the widow of Rwanda’s one time leader was arrested in France and charged for genocide. She left the shores of Africa and thought, “wow! I am free. What we have done we have done!” Somehow, her sins found her out.

Ghana that is now the cynosure of everybody worldwide, Nigerians being inclusive, was once a county whereby her citizens migrated from to find greener pastures elsewhere. They came to Nigeria with many of them doing odd jobs. Until the time came, when God found a man with whom He could say, “Thou art my battle-axe … with thee . . . I break in pieces . . . and destroy. . . .” (Jer. 51:20). Those bad days in Ghana surely came to an end.

Ever since the first coup d’état in Nigeria, things have gone awry till date. All successive government administrations have had to grapple with a mirage of problems and Nigerians today are just saying, “God is our hope.” Someone even admitted there is a cabal forestalling some policies meant for the good of all.

If communism in the then Soviet Union can come to an end without resulting into a world war; if the Apartheid government in South Africa can be ended just like that at a  time the whole world least expected; and if slave trade can be eradicated by the same set of people who benefited so much from it until the system became repulsive and nauseating to them; then  I am confident of this fact that as long as the Lord lives, He who is the defender of the defenceless, the helper of the helpless, the monarch of the universe; He who is wiser than the wisest, powerful than the most powerful human being on earth, who turns the wisdom of the wise into foolishness and who has a divine purpose and destiny for our nation Nigeria in this end time, will give us good government, God fearing and fearless leaders who are ready to crush any cabal, terrorism, corruption and any other acts of wickedness.

A change for the better in Nigeria is imminent and surely an end will come to everything opposed to the good Nigeria we all desire.

Fellow Nigerians, let’s continue to pray for our nation and to speak out against draconian policies and injustices. God save Nigeria.

This article was first featured in the Path of Life magazine in 2012.

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