The last two years have been terrifying times worldwide, and especially for our nation.

Even though evil and evil men may rise and fall and continue to terrify the world, the Bible, however, tells us that God still rules in the affairs of men no matter how grim it looks (Dan. 4:32).

As Christians, we are called even more to intense prayers, not only for our nation but also for the Church.

The Church is asleep in the light. Like the Laodicean Church we have mistaken prosperity as a sign of God’s presence and approval. It is wickedness in the sight of God when the Church fails to pray or remains silent in the face of wickedness (1 Sam. 12:23).

John Knox was a preacher in the 16th century Scotland. He consistently cried out to God, “Give me Scotland, Lord, or I die.” Mary, Queen of Scots who ruled during Knox’s time said, “I fear John Knox’s prayers more than all the assembled armies of Europe.”

May God give us true Christians, and fearless, fiery preachers whose prayers and preaching will so shake our nation and cause rulers and the wicked to tremble and repent. May God wake the church out of her slumber.

We pray that you will be blessed by this edition of the magazine, and encouraged in your pursuit of God.

Yours because of Him,

Tayo & Yinka Adenuga.
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