We are living in the hour of which the Bible warns Christians to beware of new and strange doctrines, of another Jesus, another gospel that will be preached by many(1 Cor. 11:4,Gal. 1:8).

Friend, you better be sure that the Jesus you follow is the real Jesus, not a counterfeit. “Take heed that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name…”(Matt.24:4-5). There are many strange doctrines today, and they spread fast and easy because of the internet.

Do you know the real Jesus? The Jesus of the Bible? Jesus of Nazareth, who walked this earth over 2000 years ago? Who healed the sick, raised the dead, set the captives free, died on the cross, rose on the third day, ascended to God in heaven, and is coming back again to judge the living and the dead?(2Tim4:1, Acts 10:42).

The Jesus whose eyes are like fiery flames of fire, from whose mouth proceeds a double edged sword and who all men will stand before His throne of judgement one day to give an account? Who also said, ” those who I love I rebuke and chasten?” (Rev.19:12,15, 2Cor.5:10,Rev.3:9 ).

The Jesus who tells us to take up our cross if we must follow Him and to put to death daily the works of the flesh? Who said, He that does not forsake all and follow Me can not be My disciple and is not worthy of Me? (Luke 9:23, Luke14:3, Matt10:37).

The Jesus who tells us that narrow is the way which leads to life and few are those who find it; that the life of a man does not consist in his possessions? (Matt.7:14,Luke 12:15). Who told us the truth, that in this world we shall have houses, brothers, sisters, children, lands with persecutions, trials and troubles?(Mark 10:30, John16:33). And that we shall be hated by all men and called names because we are His disciples? (Mark13:13). The Jesus who told us the whole truth and not half truth?(John16:4).

Friend, is this the Jesus you know, follow and serve? He who is altogether lovely and altogether holy? The Jesus revealed in the Scriptures.

Or is it the”Jesus”of the 21st century,an invention, a figment of men’s imagination, a new concept of men? The “Jesus” who is more interested in your physical and material wellbeing than your eternal security? Who wants to make you rich, famous, successful, drop miraculous money into your bank account and give you all your heart desires?

The “Jesus” who condones sins and flatters sinners? Who preaches salvation without repentance? And says: ” just believe in Me, it does not matter what you do or how you live. You can mistreat your wife at times, disrespect your husband, cheat your customers, dislike your neighbour, gossip, keep grudges, but continue to go to church, speak in tongues, read the Bible and attend prayer meetings – heaven is yours, after all nobody is perfect.’ Is this your Jesus?

About 11 years ago I began to ask God some probing questions: “Lord, have You sent a spiritual famine into Your Church like you did in Israel prior to Samuel’s ministry, and in between the Old and New testament? (Malachi and Matthew). Lord what’s happening in the Church today? ” I started asking those questions because I rarely sensed God’s presence in many churches like in the past.

In the last few years never have I been more driven to seek God’s face in prayer and in His word. Brethren, it is impossible to mix truth and error together and still walk with God. Jesus said ‘ I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life and no man can come to the Father except through Me’ (John14:6). We must sift the error from the truth and walk in the truth -Jesus – always.

What happens when a man follows a conterfeit Jesus or Gospel? Do you think the real heaven of the real Jesus awaits him? Do not be among those who the Lord will say to in that day: ” I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of iniquity” (Matt.7:23).

Seek to know the real Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible. The only way to do this is by digging into His written word. Read the new testament through at least once or twice a year, start from the book of Mattthew through Revelation. Read the four gospels several times in the year. In the four gospels you can see the real face and heart of Jesus, those things that are the core of His heart, how He lived, related with people, His personality, those things He detests and the things He values and etc.

Read the Old Testament too, it is God’s inerrant word. Rom.15:4, 1Cor.10:11 tell us that whatever was written was for our sakes, for our learning and instructions ,we who live in these last days. We need the old to understand the new. There are still unfulfilled prophecies even in the Old Testament. l made more emphasis on the New Testament because that is where God reveals Christ most to us – His incarnation , walk on earth, death, resurrection, ascension, mind and heart.

Whenever you read the Bible pray for revelation and understanding. Ask the Author – the Holy Spirit – to teach you. Pray that God will reveal the face of Jesus to you; that He will let you see His face, hear His voice, know His mind as you search the Scriptures.

You shouldn’t take every word of any preacher no matter how much you respect them without comparing their teachings with Scriptures, they are men, they could err in all sincerity. The Berean Christians searched the Scriptures daily to confirm even if Paul’s teachings were true (Acts17:11 – 12).

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