King David says in Psalm 16:8,

“I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.”
How can a man set God always before Him?
What does it mean that God is at a man’s right hand?

Setting the Lord always before us means to live and walk in His presence. And by presence l do not mean some mystical experience, some supernatural manifestation or something spectacular. But rather the knowledge and awareness of God in and with us all the time, which causes us to live holy, reverent lives and thereby walk in unbroken communion with Him all day.

Being conscious always of God’s presence is a choice you make and practice you grow in. The more intimate you become with Him, the more conscious of Him you become.

The right hand
The right hand is the place of honour, dignity, reverence and respect. When we set God at our right hand it means we are aware of His nearness, His being with us always, and that we also deliberately live and walk under His watchful eyes.

That is, I behold my Father’s face always and my Father’s eyes are always on me. And because l love Him dearly because He first loved me, l love to and make it my aim to do only what delights His heart and gives Him pleasure.

Is God always before you? Have you set Him at your right hand? Always beholding His face? Knowing His eyes are always on you, because you are His and He loves you dearly?

It will reflect in how you live throughout the day: honouring, revering and walking in the fear of the Lord.

A person who fears, reveres and honours God will also love, care about and respect people. People will see that you walk in the fear of God and will be able to say that truly this is a follower of Christ.

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