Do you sometimes want to pray and you come to the place of prayer and cannot pray?  Well, l do.

 What do you do at such times?  When your soul seems overwhelmed, depressed, distressed to even utter words to express what’s in the very depth of your soul?  Or when you feel too tired or weak to discipline your mind  in the place of prayer?  Or you started by knowing what to say but after a few minutes you run out of fuel?  Or your faith level is at a low and you are very discouraged to pray.  Or simply, you are just enrolling in the school of prayer? 

Well, how do you pray?  What do you do? 

Here is what I’ve learnt to do at such times:

I don’t leave. l remain in God’s presence.  Quietly l pray, ” Lord, teach me, help me to pray. ” And l linger in His presence till l begin to know what to pray.

Prayer is a heartfelt conversation between Father God and son/daughter, Friend to friend, Confidant and confider.  The Holy Spirit will help our infirmities if we stay long enough at the place of prayer.

“Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered” (Romans 8:26 ).

Another thing l’ve learnt to do is go to the place of prayer with my Bible. I read God’s word; that’s God talking to me. So l let Him start our conversation by reading His holy word.   I almost, always just continue reading from where l stopped my last Bible  study. This way l don’t have to start looking for where to read. Before l realize it I’m  conversing with Him about things He highlights to me as l read His word or based on what He prompts up or impresses in my heart. 

 One other thing l do at such times is to just sit quietly in His presence, fall into His arms and enjoy Him.  “Lord, here l am in your presence, l just want to be with you. I feel overwhelmed, tired.  By faith l fall into your arms Father.  I know you love and care about me and l love and trust you too.  I know You’ve got everything under control.”

Lastly, when  l begin to sense His love, presence, comfort, or receive an illumination about something  etc.   I don’t leave immediately, l linger more, and not rush out!  

The  key to praying when you can’t pray? Quietly lingering in His presence.

I pray this article is an encouragement to someone. I’m still in the Holy Ghost  school of prayer and will not graduate till l see my Lord face to face.  So what has the Holy Spirit been teaching you in the school of prayer?  I would love to know.

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