The psalm and the Shepherd

Some years, ago, at a drawing room function, one of England’s leading actors was asked to recite for the pleasure of  his fellow guests.  He considered and asked if there was anything special that his audience would like to hear.  After a moment’s pause, an aged clergyman present rose and said,  “ could you sir […]

Our Advocate in heaven’s court

God the Father sat enthroned between the cherubim. Multitudes upon multitudes of the heavenly hosts encamped round about his throne.  Suddenly, all activities in heaven stood still, perfect silence reigned in the courts of heaven as the son of God, on that resurrection morning, walked into the very presence of God. He first sprinkled the […]

Jesus, the Prince of Peace

There was a certain rich man whose business flourished, but he had no inner peace.  He had an aching void and was so restless within. His fat bank account, success, fame and position could not give him the inner peace his soul longs for. While walking through his large factory one day, he found one […]

In His Image

The Bible tells us that God is a spirit (John 4: 24), and that He created man in His own image (Gen.1:26-27).  God and man walked in perfect fellowship at the beginning of creation.  When Adam and Eve our fore parents sinned against God that fellowship was broken, hence sin and death entered God’s perfect […]

The Inner Sanctuary

I became aware of an emptiness on the inside of me when I was a little girl in primary school.  Questions such as, “Who made all things?  Where does God live?  What does He look like and What will happen to me after I die?” troubled my young and tender heart.  At such an early […]

The Abundant Life

The Bible clearly states that there is a life beyond the grave; a life after this life, and that that life is eternal.  “For surely there is a hereafter….” (Prov. 23:18NKJV).  Life here on earth is very short, but eternity has no end.  Friend, if death were to come suddenly would you be able to […]