We are Tayo and Yinka Adenuga and we are glad you are here.

Jesus is our utmost desire and it is our hearts desire to continue to seek and follow Him with a whole hearted pursuit, above all else.

The message of the cross of Christ and His resurrection power is our message.

We believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, that the blood of Jesus Christ alone cleanses and saves us from our sins and the Holy Spirit is all the Bible says He is.

Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12), as His followers, we are messengers, and proclaimers of His good tidings.

We grow daily in our walk with God, from faith to faith, grace to grace and from glory to glory.

Our goal is to encourage Christians to grow in intimacy with Christ, live lives well pleasing to Him.

We seek to encourage Believers to get back to Sound Biblical Doctrines, to lay aside all the doctrines and philosophies of men prevalent in the Church in this modern times.  We strongly desire and pray that believers will get back to their Bibles – Back to the Bible.

Having gone this far, reading this, we believe your heart’s desire also is to seek and follow Jesus with all your heart.  We invite you to come along with us on this wonderful journey with the Almighty God,

We hope to encourage and inspire you on this glorious Christian journey.

We love you.  May God bless you and may His peace abide with you always.

Pastor  Tayo & Yinka Adenuga.